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Bye, bye, Blogger!

Today, I'm free from Blogger. No longer must I maintain the nasty hacks that make blog.traas.org work. I'm free.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I'd like to reduce my dependency on Google Apps. Writing a static blogging engine took longer than I thought. Actually, I finished the code months ago, but I was too lazy to clean up the garbage code that Blogger's editor generated and convert into Markdown.

The thing that finally got me off my butt was some weird server flag that caused a recent build of Chrome to try using HTTPS with *.traas.org, whilst Blogger does not support HTTPS.

If you subscribe to my RSS feed, nothing should change. The redirects should just work for you. Cacheing is slightly wonky, with my application cache, server cache, and CDN often acting strangely with each other.

Also, the convention common on static Markdown blogs of adding '.md' to the page URL listing the Markdown source is implemented here.

Feel free to report any bugs. Thanks in advance.

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